Jewelry Piece: A Concept and Man-Made Art

Shikha Saxena
4 min readNov 17, 2023

each piece is result of one’s hardwork and pure love for art

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Creating a jewelry piece as a form of man-made art involves a combination of creativity, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Each jewelry piece is created with lot of hard work and pure love for the art itself. Extra effort, concentration and patience are two other virtues that too come into picture. Jewelry Piece: A Concept and Man-Made Art involves lot of creativity and imagination. It is to build something out of your dream concept. There is no MVP there is one and only completed product with finesse and perfection. A marvel to gaze at!

Jewelry design is becoming the hot field of study and lots of students enroll in the program each year. This man made art requires important qualities in the crafter as, imagination, finesse, zeal to convert imagination to reality, patience and hard work.

An instant hit among women of all ages jewelry pieces are also loved by man of all age groups. They too love to wear man made jewelry. In Indian Wedding it is a customary to offer jewelry pieces to bride and groom. No wedding is complete without massive buying and gifting and exchange of man-made jewelry in precious metals and gemstones.

Necklace, rings, ear rings, anklets, bangles, nose rings, armlets, head bands and so on, you name it and you have it available in jewelry stores for purchase.

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Need of concept

A concept thought and created in mind to build a jewelry piece, blinks as lightening, after a dream or an imagination, or inspired by some idea. This concept leads to the creation of unique jewelry piece.

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Need of a Title for concept

Title is needed for the concept to create the jewelry piece then used later for marketing purpose.

For example:



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