Writer’s Block: A Pause to Recharge

Shikha Saxena
3 min readApr 13, 2022

A gap in writing is real and for good

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So good to be connected again. Writing after a pause of few days. Missed you all. Sometimes it happens. It happens to all of us…. readers and writers. There are many reasons, you suddenly feel to take a pause and take some time off from reading and writing work. It might be, to break a monotony from routine. Or there is a lot in our plate or there is too much to handle. Or there is lack of ideas or you wish to relax a bit before taking plunge! Whatever it is, it is good to give a fresh start. Writer’s Block: A Pause to Recharge, is good for writing creations.

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What is Writer’s Block?

Writer’s Block is the name given to the phase of downtime or slowness or sluggishness that seeps in during creative work. Lack of inspiration, frustrations, mental fogginess, lack of sleep, rejections, lack of time due to regular and mundane stuff of routine life all contribute to Writer’s Block.

A lethargy, a fatigue, a distraction from what you are working-on, on a daily basis. Author slows down and may not gather energy to focus on new creation.

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Writer’s Block is real!

Different psychological studies and researches have shown that blocked writer’s are undergoing some issues at personal level that takes time to overcome.

It might range from few weeks to few months before they regain energies and configure their mind to write again.

Writer’s Block is real!

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How to overcome Writer’s Block?

Every writer have experienced lack of drive or lack of ideas to write further. They find themselves stuck at a point in their creations that need to be resolved. Here are few…

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