Taming Brain Waves to Improve Focus and Concentration [Meditation!]

Do you know that taming brain waves to improve focus and concentration is possible and we can tremendously improve calculating, thinking and creative abilities through the same?

There are different types of brain waves created in the brain, with different electrical frequencies, depending upon the mental state of rest or activities. Electroencephalograph (EEG) can measure brain waves in the brain by using electrodes placed on head scalp. The electrical brain impulses may be detected, recorded, read and analyzed for results. The wavy EEG tells a lot of stories about what is actually going on inside brain.

Frequency of the electrical brain impulse is the number of times the wave repeats in one second. Neuro experts can analyze these frequencies and can interpret whether brain is less active or deficient, hyperactive or what time of day it was so, and how a mental performance can be effected, by just reading and interpreting the graph of the brain waves.

What are Brain Waves?

Human brain waves are oscillating fractions of electrical voltages in the brain. They are present in different parts of the brain in varying amounts. All parts of the brain not necessarily emit these waves simultaneously. Some portions are very active at a particular time, some are less active areas and some parts of brain are also found to be inactive in few individuals.

Types of Brain Waves

There are five types of brain waves identified so far which are of different frequencies and expressed in Hz(Hertz). The raw EEG describe them as frequency bands as follows:

Delta Waves (0.1 – 4 Hz)

These are lowest frequencies which occur while in deep sleep and some abnormal conditions. It is also the main rhythm in infant under one year of age and happen during third and fourth stages of sleep. Due to this slowest moving waves infants are generally disconnected through the physical world.

There is decreased delta activity during unconscious mind. We can access information during this stage of mind. Peak performers can decrease delta waves to attain high focus and peak performance. Sometimes incorrect delta wave response lead to wrong focus and attention. Brain is locked and come to a drowsy condition.

Theta Waves (4 – 8 Hz)

This frequency is called the slow activity of brain. This kind of brain is associated with creativity and intuition. The people with such brain activity have memory repository, they can perceive emotion and sensation to the minutest level. These waves are strong in human beings with strong spiritual awareness have internal focus and meditate and do prayers. This state is in between wakefulness and sleep. It is reflected best during anxiety and behavioral activation or inhibition.

Alpha Waves(8 –13 Hz)

Our brain uses 13 Hz or lower, that is the higher alpha or lower beta for “active” intelligence. People who lack learning abilities, sequencing tasks and math calculations, are found to be deficient in 13 Hz activity. Alpha waves are dominant in free flowing thoughts and meditative states.

Beta Waves (13 – 30 Hz)

Beta or fast activity waves have frequency 14 Hz or higher. These unsynchronized brain activities are found in equal distribution on both sides of brain mostly frontal region. This activity is absent in the area where the cortical brain tissue is damaged. This activity is found when in alert and active state and while listening and solving analytical problem with eyes open and decision or judgement making stage. Person is in relaxed but focused and integrated state. Actively comprehending activities and happenings around the world and interacting.

Gamma Waves ( 30 – 42 Hz)

This frequency activity is found in every part of the brain and used when brain simultaneously process many information from different areas together. Well developed for the person associated with information rich task performance. A good memory of a person is also the result of well coordinated efficient 40 Hz activity.

Taming Brain Waves to improve Focus and concentration

It has been found that alpha brain wave activity can be increased by controlled meditation and breathing exercises.

Some aerobic exercises also help to improve alpha wave activity and improve focus and concentration of the person.

Good healthy alpha waves production improves brain power and help it to coordinate various body activities efficiently. Enhances sense of relaxation and reduces fatigue.

Alpha is the main rhythm seen in most relaxed adults. Alpha is the most common state in person who are alert but not actively processing information. Creative people and thinkers also show good amount of alpha activity.

One can tame Alpha waves and increase its prevalence in brain by being in good mood , increasing sense of calmness and positivity.

One can increase alpha brain waves by closing eyes and deep rhythmic breathing — — — in plain and simple terms — — Meditation. Alpha-Theta training can improve sense of awareness, abstract thinking and self control!

Quiet your mind and let the soul speak!

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