Premonitory dream to furnish advance notice of future event.

Premonitions are her routine visuals.

She dreamt of …….wooden houses,

glass windows,

snow covered streets.

She sat in one corner

wondering the creation of God

and trying to hold the white, pure, delicate snow

in her palms………..

“Strange dream” as it was,

as the weather in her part of the country,

was really hot, with scorching heat

and drying foliage

and shortage of water.

People praying “Lord Indra” ,

“God of Rain”

to bless all, with cool showers

to pacify the dry land.

Save poor farmers from untimely death.

She was unaware of the fact,

that within few months,

she would be sent on a land,

where she would actually be holding

pure white snow in her palms.

Would be in a place,

with heavy snow squalls,

from the moist and chill Arctic air,

that travel over warm Lake Erie and cover all!

Arctic air that picks up the moisture

from Lake Erie and magically

change it to soft snow.

And pour this “Lake Effect Snow”

all the way in “Buffalo”.

She was in Buffalo, NY, on an official trip.

Which became her,

home….. away from home!!

A Technical Writer, an artist and blogger by choice. Passionate about reading , writing and editing. and

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