Perfumes: Fragrance that Touch Soul and Evoke Thousand Emotions!

Shikha Saxena
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Fragrances sooth souls and transfer you in different zone altogether

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I am a big fan of perfumes and who is not so? Fragrance of dim perfume, its floral smell fills my heart with thousand emotions! There are numerous brands and fragrances of perfumes are available in stores/online stores. But which one is best for you that can be decided only by you! How to wear perfume is only be decided by you! Perfumes: Fragrance that Touch Soul and Evoke Thousand Emotions, are personal choice!

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There are categories and range of men and women fragrances available in various price ranges. They are also categorized according to day and night wear and occasions and places. Deep research may reveal lots of ideas and solution to queries.

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Perfumes are worn in different parts of body and in different amounts to maximize their effect and strength. The effect of weather condition is also found in wearing the perfumes.

Hot climate folks wear larger amounts of perfume spray, also much more frequently as it is evaporated fast and dries up quickly leaving less fragrance apparently

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Cooler climate folks wear their fragrances in slightly lesser amounts as it is effective even in less amounts for longer period of time and lingers on as it stays on for long.

Varying body heat and location of application of perfume also changes the intensity and aura of fragrance. Neck, inner side of elbow and wrists are most common parts sprayed with perfumes.

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Type of perfumes

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