Pearls: Shiny, Unique Gems of Priceless Elegance

Shikha Saxena
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Naturally occurring or cultured, most loved, gems, used for jewelry

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Pearls either organic or cultured are unique gems loved by all age groups. Pearls: Unique Gems of Priceless Elegance are shiny, hard, glistening bead like objects ideal for creating jewelry. Pearls have such natural beauty that they are not required to be polished separately to enhance the look. They are simply stunning in natural way. They are available in various shapes, type and sizes, texture and colors.

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What are Pearls?

Pearls are hard, glistening gems obtained from soft tissue of the living, shelled mollusks, Oysters(invertebrate animal found in sea and freshwater). Pearls are produced naturally in fresh or salt water and also cultured on purpose, in controlled environment.

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As the shell of mollusk (or molluscs), the pearl is also made up of concentric layers of Calcium Carbonate compound/mineral in crystalline form.

Unlike their other gem counterparts as diamond, ruby, emerald, topaz and so on , pearls do not require any cutting or polishing before commercial use. They are valuable and stunning in heir natural form too. Wild pearls are costlier than cultured ones.

Japan is a leading producer of cultured Akoya Pearls. The naturally occurring blue pearls are rare.

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Type of Pearls

There are following types of Pearls available for commercial use:

  • Natural Pearls: Formed naturally inside mollusks body especially mantle tissue, around a microscopic irritant, by deposition of calcium minerals/ compound around it. Are real and rare.
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