Mosaic Art: Broken Tale of Unique and Timeless Artistry

Shikha Saxena
3 min readNov 16, 2022

Joining the broken tile with imagination and repurposing in mind

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An ancient Roman Art of expressing mythological characters, scenery, stories, characters, or general floral designs with use of small pieces of tiles, stones, pebbles, wood or glass is called mosaic art. the small tile pieces with which this art takes form, are called tesserae. Mosaic Art: Broken Tale of Unique and Timeless Artistry is famous artform used to create designs for floors, kitchen tops, gardens, parks, public places. It is durable and low maintenance.

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Mosaic art is like painting created by arranging patterns and designs out of small , colored pieces of tile/ glass/ stones/ shells/ ivory on walls, ceiling or corridors pavement surface. At some places of worship in Europe Gold and precious gems were also used to depict pictures and scenes to inspire people.

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This unique art has its history. Starting from a temple in Mesopotamia it spread its wings to ancient Roman, Greek, Spain, Arabic countries, and America to modern day Mosaic art.

Depiction in Mosaic art

Mosaic art is used for decorative and artistic purposes on walls, art galleries, fountains, pavements to show daily life scenarios and some important figures of daily life or mythology.

The figures and sceneries depicted in Mosaic art consists of following:

  • Mythological scenes
  • God Apollo
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  • Daily life scenes as hunting, fishing, grazing, agriculture
  • Amphitheaters and games
  • Four seasons and Sea view
  • Religious themes to inspire worshippers



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