Meditation: Steps Towards Positivity

Focusing attention to something away from daily routine for fixed period of time.

Reining your thoughts through mindfulness and focus and concentration is meditation. You are the same person with a new version who is well aware of surroundings, who pay close attention to happenings around.

Meditation needs patience and attention and a quite mind. Leave aside everything else, be comfortable in your favorite location, be at peace and with quite and peaceful mind let positive vibes flow.

In this state of mind if you also focus your mind to something dear to you that will happen for sure! You can converse with the people you want however far they are. You can bend the nature to complete something for you! This is humble function of active and alert mind, which is not agitated though.

And you know what there is no extra cost! No memberships required. You can guide your mind and you only can start this mindfulness exercise following these steps:

Sit in your favorite place

Close your eyes

Let your mind wander (autopilot) with numerous thoughts

Start focusing on one thing that matters most or may be your pain

Breath normally

Give some time

Increase time gradually for all above steps in your meditative sittings.

Gradually you will invite positivity in your life, you will become much calmer than before. You will learn to control anger, excitement and panic situations. Stress levels will go down automatically. You will feel connected to nature and people much easily and sometimes converse without uttering a single word. Brain conversation as our ancestors used to have years ago!

You will become much aware about your surroundings. You can feel pain of others too and may be offer help without being asked for. You will tell who is going to call/connect with you soon, answer unasked questions and read mind of fellow in front of you! Isn’t it amazing?

Its true! Practice mindfulness and make meditation a habit! Life will be wonderful!

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