Medical Tourism: Pandemic Survivor?

A branch of tourism providing Healthcare facilities to people outside their own country was seriously injured by pandemic.

Medical Tourism is branch of tourism that deals with provision of Healthcare facilities to people outside their own country, in distant countries which are within their reach and in budget, to afford the cost.

Medical tourism was changing the current trends in healthcare till the global knock down by pandemic. It was going to be the multibillion-dollar industry in the coming decades. With the shrinking distances, changing policies, broad thinking, Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), telecommute, patients crossed borders to seek medical specialists and facilities in the country of their choice.

Suddenly equations changed and the survival of mere human life in normal days and environment became questionable. Medical Tourism was seriously Injured!

Change is the only constant!!

Parameters and equations are changing again.

Medical Tourism is a Pandemic Survivor!

With gained immunity through brilliant range of global inoculations life is limping back to normal! And so do the need for Medical Tourism industry!

As big, brilliant, boastful treatment facilities are still out of reach and out of budget!

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism also known as Surgical Tourism, Health Tourism or Medical Travel, is the concept of travelling to distant country, with the purpose of seeking medical treatment of a particular ailment, with a limited budget.

Costa Rica, India, Israel, Mexico , Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, United States are some of the countries medical tourists are looking forward to seek medical treatments.

Risk Involved: Believe and Take Chances

With benefit comes the chances of risk involved, which can be many folds at each level of Medical Tourism process. Things have become more complicated now though under control!

Risk of travel and stay, in a foreign country,

risk of medical facilities unsuitable to a genetic makeup,

risk of nosocomial infections (acquired infections),

and the risk of cyber fraud and ethical and legal risks.

Factors that direct Medical Tourism

The decision to travel to distant country for medical treatment is influenced by various factors.

Some people travel as they need to accommodate in the limited budget for medical facilities. Also who can not afford the higher medical charges for procedures and treatment in their own country.

Others take decision to travel for medical needs, to explore the medical facilities back in their home country. They know the fact that it might be beneficial to avail the same facilities in home country at a lesser charges, with additional benefits of after-care and much needed affordable physical assistance, during and after the treatment.

There is still another group of people who travel as they seek a particular procedure or therapy as heart or liver transplant in distant country which is unavailable in their own country.

There is yet another group of people who are not in a condition to wait or put on a hold, in waiting list for certain procedures. Such patients take decision to avail the same procedures in distant country to enhance the process and recover soon.

The advantages Medical Tourism are more than the risk involved. It should be considered as a mean to serve greater mankind with compassion and care and focus on the steps to simplify the process and serve people genuinely.

Medical Tourism partners as DNA Box facilitate following services with personal care and concern:

  • Consultancy with medical providers in India.
  • Tele meeting and consultation with Physician for concerns.
  • Cross opinion for a ongoing treatment with affiliated providers and care givers.
  • Financial estimate to the required medical/surgical procedures and services.
  • Travel arrangements to the providers in distant country.
  • Accommodation for family travelling with patient.
  • City tours and sight seeing to rejoice recovery.
  • Insight to Indian culture in modern setting is additional feature.
  • Personal attention to your concerns.

|| Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu|| (Sanskrit)

|| Happiness for All ||

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