Lesser Known Unique Abilities of Plants

Shikha Saxena
3 min readSep 23, 2022

Our Green friends are Sensitive, emotional and living like us

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Have you noticed that the indoor plants continue to stay longer in good shape inside homes if you take proper care of them. Water them, think nice about them and talk and sing to them. I have noticed the same. Flower bouquet are fresh for long when they are cared for in home. The one on my dining table stay fresh longer then in any other corner of the house. Reason being whenever we dine and chat around them they feel lively and cared and respond to us back by being fresh for long. This is one of Lesser Known Unique Abilities of Plants!

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Recently read an article on medium about the scientific study to confirm that plants have feelings too. I was really thrilled to have read the article and proven fact in a scientific study with graphs and images.

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I remember a small tropical shrub in Indian subcontinent, known as “Touch me not” or Mimosa pudica goes with local Hindi name “Chui-Mui” which used to close its leaves with human touch. This term according to Botanical Study is called as Thigmonasty or Seismonasty where plant leaves are sensitive to touch or movement.

It is said that it is the Turgor pressure inside the plant that causes this movement in leaves. This pressure is created by the water in cells of plant. This pressure is disturbed and cause leaves to change their position to closure.

This mechanism is also found in some other plants of leguminous family and some carnivorous plants.

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Unique Ability of plants

Some unique abilities of plants are:

  • Sensitive to Light
  • Sensitive to touch
  • Sensitive to sound
  • Sensitive to water
  • Sensitive to air quality
  • Sensitive to feelings??
  • Sensitive to emotions??
  • Have intelligence!
  • Sensitive to Communication??

Try to read and research more about these unique qualities of plants as they are fellow inhabitants in homes and environment around us!!

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