Kitchen Kingdom a Creative Console

Shikha Saxena
4 min readMay 9, 2022

Lovely, practical and sensible place in heart of home

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I love my Kitchen Kingdom, its a lovely, very practical and useful and important place in my home. I am sure the same is true for you too! I have noticed that most of the useful ideas are generated while working in kitchen. It is a great place to store utensils, appliances and tools to create magic called food. Kitchen Kingdom a Creative Console is a place in heart of home, without which, a home would not work, it will look meaningless and empty.

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Kitchen is a full of life, lively place from where all ideas are generated, a place for family gathering, seating and important communications. The design of kitchen plays important role. An empty space, enough storage and most importantly “triangular work station” which includes refrigeration, sink and cook top that creates magic.

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I was always a fan of open kitchen design. I designed two of my kitchens in households in New Delhi and Pune, India. They were open kitchen styles as I love to cook while also in communication with outer world.

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Earlier the kitchens especially in university campus residences, my childhood home, were designed as a separate closed designated rooms, next to dining room, as people were not comfortable displaying the cooking process, style and utensils.

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I had seen my mother and other acquaintances cooking in conservative kitchen designs and I never approved it. There was separate storage section, cooking and dish cleaning sections. Though appliances and tools were arranged properly but it took time to materialize whole cooking process. Many helping hands were needed. It was not…

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