Just Saying [Series]- 3 : You May Be Unique But Not Indispensable

Shikha Saxena
3 min readApr 27, 2022

However unique you are there is always someone to replace you in professional and personal life

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It is true in real life of a person. It is true in personal as well as professional life. It is true for a person, for a gadget, for a technology, for an artist, a singer, a musician, a doctor and so on. You May Be Unique But Not Indispensable as always, there will be some new person, or a new technology or a gadget or replacement to take the empty space. However unique that person or thing is; it is not indispensable it can be replaced in a good way. Life will continue without that as well. Try to understand, “you” are replaceable. So, hang on, take it easy. Take a chill pill. Show will go on…Show must go on. Enjoy life while you can!!

You are not advised to become lazy or leave everything and relax. No, I am not saying that. Though do not rush! Take care of yourself first. Rest everything can wait!

Remind yourself, things will move without you as well! Take wise decisions with calm mind.

We have seen in recent times, so many near and dear ones and unrelated ones leaving us silently without even goodbyes, creating vacuum…. whether due to pandemic, political turbulences or other reasons.

But I realize there is no change in our routines. We are breathing, living daily routine, enjoying life, minus few real person….. in our lives/on earth.

When we get time from busy routines we remember them as well. But life continues. This is no new information, but it is one harsh reality!

So, why we are in rush and for what? We need a purpose to propel in lives, I understand but just saying, no need to pressurize yourself and no need to take tension.

Just be at ease and take life as it comes. Perform actions and relax, if not you then someone else will perform that work. But yes, try to improve yourself each time and be your better version. Create a perfect balance between fun time and taking life seriously. Do not exert. Maintain health. Leave rest on Him!

There are more people in making, they will come tomorrow and take up the work load and space created by you, they might be better than you, better readers, better writers, better…

Shikha Saxena

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