Just Saying [Series]- 1 : Tips for Content Creation

Shikha Saxena
2 min readMar 5, 2022

Here are some Tips for Content Creation

💎Ideas 💡 on the go — capture any ideas coming to your mind immediately in your notes online else you would miss them at the end of day🌜as you are multitasking.

💎Capture that inspiring moment — keep your mobile 📱 camera space free and ready to capture that inspiring moment in picture 🎥 to write about it later.

💎Listen 👂 with attention — pay attention to what is being said in conversation and capture the idea 💡 people want to know more about or are interested in general. Research 🔬 and write ✍️ about it later.

💎Converse with people— talk to friends and family to know their views about present conditions or listen and read about latest trends and news 🗞 in general and understand emotions better to ✍️ about it.

💎Empathize ♥️ with scenarios — feel the emotions yourself and empathize with scenarios. Convert your real emotions into flowing words.

💎Pay attention — observe closely and pay attention to small things around you and you will learn a lot. Write ✍️ about it.

💎Talk to elderly 👨‍🦳🧑‍🦳relatives — they will have lot of stories, but nobody to listen. Lend a helping hand and let them leave their footprints 👣 through you and take their consent to write ✍️ about it.

Hope it will help. Looking forward to read more from you all on this platform Medium. Created this first post on Just Saying [Series 1] .

Please enjoy the next one in series.

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