Just Saying [Series]-19: Showcase Professional Life During Interview

Shikha Saxena
4 min readOct 11, 2022

Walkthrough your professional life, with introduction and list of achievements, in an interview to prospective employer

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The process of submitting job application to receiving an interview invite is a time taking procedure. Once you receive an invite, keep in mind that this is your one and only great chance to introduce yourself to prospective employer and convey about your achievements. How to draft your professional journey and how to present it when asked to requires lot of preparation. It is an art to present your professional journey too. Just Saying [Series]-19: Showcase Professional Life During Interview.

How to Ace an Interview?

Prepare draft of your resume with an aim or purpose for jobs you are seeking. Write your Job experience and education under separate headings and in reverse chronological order.

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That means your current job at the top then previous one then previous to this one and so on. Similarly highest education first then previous one to that and so on. This will provide an idea of your background and when you started your journey and how it took you where you are now.

Dress well on the day of interview either it is online or in person. First impression is the last impression. This is your chance to own it.

Be confident and take no stress. This happens with everyone in job market and each one has gone through the same drill, even the one interviewing you, if it makes any difference to your stress level.

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Following are some tips as how to be confident and answer all prospective employee queries and at the same time impress them to consider you as your choice of future employee:

  • Dress really well either for online interview or on-prem interaction.
  • Show brilliance and confidence. There is no place for nervousness or shyness during interview…
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