Just Saying [Series]-17: Leave Shyness and Emerge from Cocoon

Shikha Saxena
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A behavior that is quiet stable and inbuilt, however it is possible to overcome shyness

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Shyness is a personality trait that is often inbuilt and genetic. It also depends on environment, culture you are part of and lifestyle. It often arise from social pressures, culture, religion and family rituals and regulations. Some people are very outgoing and take very less time to socialize and mingle and make friendships and smart talks. On the contrary shy people stay in their cocoon and are reserved, think a lot to start conversation and are introverts. Does not mean that they do not wish to start friendships and mingle but it is their inbuilt behavior that bars them from taking a leap! Just Saying [Series]-17: Leave Shyness and Emerge from Cocoon as life is short and there is so much out there!!

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What is Shyness?

Shyness is an inbuilt inhibited behavior that is genetic and also influenced by society, culture, religion. Introverts or shy people create a boundary around them and are not ready to step out of it as their bold counterparts.

Shy people are humble, timid, modest, compassionate and mentally smart. These are gifts that come along with shyness. They get lot of time to observe others in silence and become highly analytical and sense, thinking and moves of person across.

Their inference and predictions about others are so correct as they have utilized their time to complete the analysis while being in their shells. Shyness also is a strength!

However with some practice and working over this cute personality trait, they can overcome shyness and emerge out of their cocoon.

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Shyness traits

Shy people are calm, cool, serene and quiet and like a light in darkness. Though their are following peculiar habits that separate them from their bold counterparts:

  • Being introvert to…



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