Just Saying [Series]-16: Keep your Curiosity Always On

Shikha Saxena
2 min readSep 16, 2022

Keep the desire to adding up new information and knowledge to your mental database, it always help in life

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Paying attention to what is happening around in world and the theory behind it, always help in life. You are better equipped to answer questions of your family, friends, kids and colleagues. In general it helps to increase your knowledge base and enhance your perspective towards life problems and you find yourself better equipped to find the solutions and help others. Just Saying [Series]-16: Keep your Curiosity Always On.

Being curious does not mean you keep asking questions and overwhelming people around you. Being curious means gaining information by understanding the scenario around you and making out inference on your own. Keep learning from that insight and move on. Utilize that information gained to apply where required, to provide solution.

Curiosity keeps Brain healthy

Curiosity also makes your brain active and strong and you are able to provide active solutions to problems. While being curious, also try to be emotionally strong as there is no knowledge without emotions!

Strong and active brain full of new ideas and heart full of emotions makes you complete and connected socially. Intellectual curiosity compels you to succeed in life as well! You seek answers to your inner questions and pave your way to success in education, business career and life.

Curiosity is your greatest strength which will make you move in forward direction. Keep learning! Learning should never stop!

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. Albert Einstein

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