Just Saying [Series]-12: Be a Mentor to Someone and Change their Life

Shikha Saxena
3 min readJul 14, 2022

Coach or Mentor someone, you never know how much you mean to them

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You meet a lot of people in your lifetime. Sometimes you leave a good impression and remembered for an advice or some idea or some action of yours, that impact someone unknowingly. That idea or action or advice change the life of that person forever. They remember you for long, mention you in their stories, if they get chance to do so in life. This should not be a one time thing or by chance. Make this a habit to help and mentor someone who needs it at some moment in their life when they need you most! Just Saying [Series]-12: Be a Mentor to Someone and Change their Life!

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How ever busy we become and pretend that we do not need anyone and we are self sufficient, but we need someone.

Someone for guidance or to show what is right and what is wrong and to back you up in your downtime or difficult time. That someone can be a friend, parents, siblings, colleagues, teacher or …….a stranger.

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Having gone through that feeling of loneliness and confusion at some part of life yourself, understand, that same is true for everyone.

So realize this feeling and proactively help or guide people in need, Make it a habit to at least guide or mentor someone in your lifetime.

Be a Mentor to someone or lots of them!

Who is a Mentor?

Mentor is person who lends support and help to someone > a mentee, at the time of need or proactively and unknowingly advise somebody to take the right path in any matter. It may be a short term help and guidance or a long term mentor-mentee relationship, as in a planned mentorship program.

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