Jewelry Design an Age Old Art of Metal Carving

Shikha Saxena
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An age old art to carve and design precious metal to decorate body

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Everyone loves Jewelry. Age old art of designing and molding metals to form beautiful jewelry pieces with intricate designs and embed it with fine jewels is a craft famous at global level. Each continent and region has specific designs carefully developed by jewelry designers and artists.

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Jewelry Designing is an art full of creativity and finesse taught at some institutes as a subject. Jewelry designers sketch and carve and give shape to their imaginations. Different precious metals as old and silver and their alloys, fine jewels, precious stones, birth stones, pearls and beads are used for the purpose.

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Jewelry Design

Designing jewelry may start with casual hand sketch on paper, selecting metal and jewel, pearl or stones to embed in the piece. Explaining the same design to goldsmith and production of jewelry piece completes the step. It may take a week or two or even a month to carve the piece and set stones/jewels in it.

Jewelry designers use manual techniques and also technical sketch and modelling techniques with computer- aided design (CAD) software to design jewelry.

Production of the 3D printed prototype and then finally carving of metal and setting of stones , finishing and polish completes the jewelry design work.

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Most popular jewelry

Among other pieces ear rings are most popular jewelry pieces loved by all women. Other pieces include neck lace, bangles, bracelets, rings, nose rings, anklet, Mangtika, armlet, waistlet and so on.



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