Intricate Cutwork and Lacework are Fine Art of Embroidery

Shikha Saxena
4 min readFeb 16, 2022

Cutwork often mistaken for lace work is a form of needle work used to create beautiful handmade linen pieces used as tablecloth, placemats. pillow cover

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Have you ever intrigued by the finesse and neatness of a linen piece for its embroidery or cutwork? Do you wonder how they are created? These pieces of Intricate Cutwork and Lacework are Fine Art of Embroidery. A very ancient and vintage form of delicate and fine embroidery and cutwork that embellishes linens and fine tablecloths, placemats, pillow covers and flat sheet sets. It is a beautiful way of decorating napkins, hand towels and daily and occasional use cloth pieces.

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What is Cutwork?

Cutwork is a form of fine embroidery. Also known as Italian Punto Tagliato is a needlework technique made in cotton or linen fabric by creating cut away or reinforced holes in the fabric in a particular designs, then filling the hole thus created, with fine needlework embroidery or lace.

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Cutwork is free hand or machine embroidery or it can also be attached to the cloth pieces to decorate and enhance its value and beautify it. Cutwork has the capacity to turn clothing into fashionable and chic and elegant piece.

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In cutwork the edges around the design holes are smoothened by fine satin stitch or buttonhole or zig zag stich.

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To produce the embroidery the series of holes also known as eyelets are created in fabric. These holes are then neatly folded under with the buttonhole stitch or undercast stitch.

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