How to Create a Country Kitchen

Shikha Saxena
3 min readMar 6, 2022

Imagination beyond limits, mix and match of design style combinations

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Experience of cooking in kitchen is enhanced if you have look and feel of ambience you prefer. It depends on the food style and time you spend making it. Some like it too modern and sleek, where they can spend less time and get wonderful results in no time. Some like it lavish , fitted with all kinds of gadgets in style with all that lighting and costly fixtures. Some like it country way with all colors, gadgets, utensils and space. How to create a country kitchen? Lets go through it together!

I am great fan of country kitchen style. Absolutely love the ideas and keep on thinking and looking to add more in my country kitchen. Designing spaces is an artform too.

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Wooden beams floral wall paper, warm tones and unique and traditional utensils and gadgets compel me to utilize my culinary expertise.

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Country kitchen design styles mainly focus on range of natural materials and fine craftsmanship.

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Here are some key features to transform your kitchen into country style kitchen:

Key features to focus on while creating country kitchen

  1. Color: Warm and comfortable colors on floor, wall, utensils and so on. You can get creative with tile colors and designs.
  2. Floor: Floor tiles and the way they are fit in can also create a unique design and warm tone, to make your guests welcome where they want to spend time.
  3. Walls : use patterns or floral designs on wall paper or creative and colorful wall tiles to create warm design feel.
  4. Counter: counter tops have a range of design and material that create a warm feel in kitchen. Light colors and warm tones maximize…
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