Home Decoration: An Unending Work of Art to Keep you Busy in Lifetime

Shikha Saxena
5 min readNov 14, 2022

Thinking, decorating and rearranging existing décor to keep freshness alive

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Whether we are an advocate of simplicity and minimalism or great fan of maximalist approach, creating and collecting more, one thing is more or less common. We tend to accept change and try to live same life differently each time we get opportunity. Sometimes when it is not possible to change homes we can try to alter interiors and surroundings by décor. You are the Artist of your home! Home Decoration: An Unending Work of Art to Keep you Busy in Lifetime!

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Family heirloom and furniture

Try to mix and match classic décor with modern items. Family heirlooms which are for generations in the family should not be disregarded. They are precious as cultural heritage. Try to retain old and antique furniture pieces and try to mix them with modern décor. Antiques have their own story and it goes well with modern sleek aesthetics too!

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Décor pieces

Redecorating the corners, cornices and table tops with seasonal flowers and plants, now and then change and rearranging art pieces, books and pictures, make lot of difference.

It shows that we care, redo the home and decorate it too, to welcome the new season with same zeal, as we are in.

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Observe and follow decoration trends

Always look around and notice design patterns and decorating trends. Pick up the pieces which are close to your heart and in budget to decorate your sanctuary.

Sanctuary; the place called “Home” where you spend most of your time. Home décor reflects your design style, taste and a pattern you follow!



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