Embroidery: Satin Stitch is a Fine Art of Elegance and Sophistication

Shikha Saxena
3 min readJun 30, 2022

Embroidery stitch that provides elegant finish to any motif

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Embroidery is the artistic approach to embellish a cloth with your favorite motif and colors using needle , thread, frame, imagination and patience. You can turn a plain cloth into beautiful piece through this art of embroidery. There are various stitches, in this art of embroidery, appropriate for the variety of motifs that create a two dimensional pattern, on the plain cloth piece. Among those stitches in Embroidery: Satin Stitch is a Fine Art of Elegance and Sophistication.

What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is an art to embellish and decorate a piece of cloth with threads, beads, sequins, fine ribbons, using needle and circular frames (either wood or metal). A motif is traced on the cloth piece that may be embroidered to create a table cloth, bed linen, mats, dress and so on.

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Motif thus created is filled with patience with thread either silk or cotton using needle . Circular frames are used to focus on motif and stiffen the cloth piece and making it ready to start embroidery.

Motif idea may come from usual objects and natural things as flowers leaves, twigs , birds, butterfly, scenery and so on. Book for motifs are available and you can draw a freehand motif directly on cloth piece.

Satin Stitch

My favorite is Satin stitch as it immediately transform the cloth piece into something beautiful. Satin stich derives its name, as it makes the cloth look shiny and smooth like satin, with all the stitches done right.

Generally a cotton thread have 6 strands and all together can be used for starting a stitch. I have found that either 1 strand or mostly 2 strands used together may furnish a neat satin look for the stich.

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It is work which is easy but should be performed with patience to get a neat finish…

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