Cellulose Fiber: Magic Ingredient in Paper Making that Spiralled Communication to Next Level

Shikha Saxena
5 min readOct 14, 2021

Use paper judiciously

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The first Papermaking process, a magical invention, was documented in China as about 2000 years ago in Eastern Han Period. A Chinese Court official Ts’ai Lun (Cai Lun) is considered as the inventor of First paper in Lei -Yang, China. Cellulose fiber the magic ingredient in papermaking that spiraled communication to next level is found to be common, in all historical materials used as paper in the past, as pulp, plants, cotton , cloths, rice, water plants, bamboo, wood, silk and so on.

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Ever thought about interesting invention paper, which was there and again in the news, because of the latest craze during pandemic. A commodity around which education and economy revolves!

Many materials were used before paper was invented. Here is a list of materials used all over globe in different regions for written communications.

Writing materials before Paper

For written communications people used signs and sketches to communicate information. In most of them one magic ingredient is common and that is cellulose fiber. Cellulose are building blocks of all plant materials. Following materials were used for writing:

  1. Wood Pieces
  2. Clay blocks
  3. Papyrus (used in Egypt to make paper type material for writing)
  4. Slate
  5. Rocks
  6. Parchment (dried and prepared animal skins, Old Mesopotamia, Egypt , Iran)
  7. Vellum (animal skin or membrane, used in Mesopotamia, Egypt , Iran)
  8. Wood pulp
  9. Bark of trees
  10. Old rag clothes
  11. Silk.
  12. Conifer trees (evergreen and fast growing used in United States)

Main Raw material used for making paper is cellulose fiber which is durable and give strength to paper. Found in all plant materials. They are extracted from wood and present in paper pulp…



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