Beads are Beautiful Artifacts with a Historical Significance

Shikha Saxena
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Beads are glass , metal or wood objects used to make jewelry and fashion ensembles and handicrafts.

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Beads are my favorite. Colorful beads made of sterling silver, gold, stone, glass, metal, wood, plastic, are so captivating and amazing things that one can not ignore them. They are available in range of prices to serve multiple purpose of jewelry making, embroidery, gift box making, cloth designs, embellishing the dress, hats, tiaras and so on. Beads have a very long history with roots in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and European continent. Beads are Beautiful Artifacts with a Historical Significance and a global market.

What are Beads?

Beads are objects made of glass, stone, metal, plastic which can be strewn in a string or metal wire to make a garland or jewelry piece. Beads are used for jewelry making, and creating embellished fashion ensembles. Beads enhance the look and are sometimes are fashion statement.

They are available in range of prices, starting from lower price for kids play beads to costly silver and gold jewelry making beads. It is world’s oldest asset and expression of individuality and status. Some wear it as fashion statement and others have religious and spiritual significance attached to it.

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History of Beads

Beads History dates back to more than 75000 years back in ancient Egypt. Egyptians had mastery in creating glass beads and they barters these assets with other cultures in exchange of other goods.

Beads of egg shell, grooved animal hoofs, teeth and skull and bones were the first in history of beads to be used for decorative purposes on body as pendants when cultures were moving towards more complex lives.

Invention of metal and interest in arts and crafts lead to craftsmanship development and glass, pottery and bead making skills. Bead making became a fine art with specialization in glass bead making.



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