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A Technical Writer, an artist and blogger by choice. Passionate about reading , writing and editing. and
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Clean, comprehensive data and also well integrated one, also contain too many features and dimensions to be comprehended with ease and modeled efficiently. Hence the phrase Curse of Dimensionality! Curse of Dimensionality may be reduced with collecting accurate and precise data which can be handled easily and may be applied to different types of models with ease. Precise and accurate datasets which are fed into models, as machine learning training data sets, should be simple to fit all models easily.

Input Variables

Independent variables are the input value or input variables of a given function. These are independent values in an experiment…

Can machine become intelligent enough to sense a smell and differentiate

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Humans use five senses to gather information: Sense of Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste and Hearing and of course a sixth sense of intuition. Machines or robots gather information by their sensors. All this information is through Image, Olfaction, Contact, Taste description text and voice data respectively and of course Artificial Intelligence to predict! The question is will feeding Olfactory Sense Data to machines help in futuristic Forensic Sciences?

Every smell and odour has a particular pattern which electronic nose of robots can catch to detect smell of various biological…

Effect of Planetary positions in Birth chart and Birth Data/ Janma kundali

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Birth of a child is a big event and so do the time and location of birth. Each being is unique and so are the planetary positions at their time of birth. The effect of the angles and path of the planets make a unique combination each time and have their effects on the people born at that unique time. You may realize certain similarities in people you meet on daily basis, these are result of common influence of planetary positions they were born. …

Engineered Substances that interact with complex biological systems.

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Biomaterials are natural, synthetic or engineered materials utilized/created to interact with biological systems, without causing allergic reactions. These are product of interaction between Physical, Chemical, Biological Sciences and Engineering. Biomaterials: An Alternative to Natural Materials are proven game changers when we consider their role in human biological systems in medical sciences.

Biomaterial Science is an interesting branch of study

Biomaterials Science/Engineering is about 50 years old and has therapeutic and diagnostic usage in medical history. It encompasses the knowledge and study of interaction between living and non-living man-made materials when placed inside body for treatment purposes.

Biomaterials are used for…

Unconventional Treatments

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Mushrooms are fungal plants which are also used in medicines and food to increase nutritional effect. Not all mushrooms are edible some are highly toxic. Edible mushrooms should be carefully picked up to mitigate risk due to inherent toxins, which can cause food poisoning, disturbed immune systems and upset digestive systems. There are a variety of mushrooms available in food market. Edible Shitake mushrooms have beneficiary effect in treating neurological and cardiovascular problems.

Nutrients Found in Mushroom

The important nutrients found in mushrooms are:

1. Protein

2. Vitamins (Vitamin A,C, D)

3. Antioxidants (Selenium, Vitamin D, Choline, Ergothioneine or ET)

4. Minerals…

Scenic angles of Varanasi, an ancient city in Modern India :

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Vishwanath Temple: Situated in heart of Banaras Hindu University (BHU) Campus. Lord Shiva’s Temple. My Alma Mater! A “Sacred” hangout for BHU Students before and after exams and results. Locals also find peace in this scenic sanctuary, perfect for meditations, far away from city hustle and bustle.

Full moonlight of praise

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Yesterday, it was a quiet, full moon night,

I watched from my mezzanine, the rise of an empire… in moonlight.

According to some, it was a night time moon, for some it was your delightful face,

I was there too, they inquired me…. for my views, I was amazed,

I was awestruck and just admired, the mystery of nature, in front of me.

I kept quite, I laughed, accepted your hideout, behind curtains and the veil,

Why to reveal your name, it is safe in my sanctum, let them guess.

In this city, any soul you…

Anticipation to complete dreams of mirror, in next life

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Dream laden eyes are perplexed, looking for something always

What is missing, that they are looking forward for

Count the heart rhythms and draw some results fast.

Why they are anxious all the time, what else they need to know?

All secrets are buried deep and will leave this mortal world with you.

Not a single soul will know, what you were hiding through.

Is your precious, hidden box, is as anxious as mine?

Feelings and emotions either there or not, will finally shine

Will shine from above and those left…

Shikha Saxena

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