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A Technical Writer, an artist and blogger by choice. Passionate about reading , writing and editing. and

Shikha Saxena

A true human being, have spent around five decades in this mortal world. An old soul, born in oldest city alive on earth, in northern part of India, in ancient city of Varanasi. Second born, to wonderful practical and intellectual parents, and sibling of two Doctors of Philosophy in Chemistry and Biochemistry respectively. I became a Biochemical Engineer and later shifted interests to man made machines and became COBOL Programmer, as was married to a Software Professional and wanted to be on same page and share common interests! Data is part of my life now!

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With the availability of internet for public use since August 6, 1991, loads of digital information is generated and has multiplied manifolds. Generation and flow through web have created sea of information, about real world entities, on world wide web and it is increasing at a rapid speed, every moment. Solutions to questions have become easy on the net and is readily available, through the mobile and other digital devices. Have you ever wondered about the availability of information whenever you need and answers to all questions are independent of your geographic location? What is behind interlinking of this information…

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Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Truth is Shiva, Shiva is God, God is Beautiful!

Shiva is one of the Trinity God, also known as, The Destroyer!

Shiva is Supreme God who is the protector and who transforms the universe.

Adiyogi Shiva is representation of yoga, meditation and art of healing.

Shiva is the destroyer of impurities and shortcomings of human mind, provide peace and prepares for Moksha!

Shiva in Sanskrit means Auspicious One, other epithets of Shiva depending on His other characteristics are Shambhu, Shankar, Mahesh, Mahadev and Mahakaal. Shiva is also sometimes spelled as Siwa or Siva in Hinduism.

Chanting of…

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Do you know that taming brain waves to improve focus and concentration is possible and we can tremendously improve calculating, thinking and creative abilities through the same?

There are different types of brain waves created in the brain, with different electrical frequencies, depending upon the mental state of rest or activities. Electroencephalograph (EEG) can measure brain waves in the brain by using electrodes placed on head scalp. The electrical brain impulses may be detected, recorded, read and analyzed for results. The wavy EEG tells a lot of stories about what is actually going on inside brain.

Frequency of the electrical…

Focusing attention to something away from daily routine for fixed period of time.

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Reining your thoughts through mindfulness and focus and concentration is meditation. You are the same person with a new version who is well aware of surroundings, who pay close attention to happenings around.

Meditation needs patience and attention and a quite mind. Leave aside everything else, be comfortable in your favorite location, be at peace and with quite and peaceful mind let positive vibes flow.

In this state of mind if you also focus your mind to something dear to you that will happen for sure! You…

Recently read my family tree!

Impelled to share.

My forefather came from Kingdom of Gwalior,

Then his son created havelis, temple and school,

Then his son extended his Kingdom,

Then one of his sons moved to Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, in search of living,

Then his son created bungalow,

His sons took over,

Their son resided and then,

Finally, sold the material outside family,

Where are the riches gone?

Where do daughters stand?

They do not have any standing?

Do they belong to same clan or

their existence is nonexistent?

How to find answers?

Those are gone who could answer.


A branch of tourism providing Healthcare facilities to people outside their own country was seriously injured by pandemic.

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Medical Tourism is branch of tourism that deals with provision of Healthcare facilities to people outside their own country, in distant countries which are within their reach and in budget, to afford the cost.

Medical tourism was changing the current trends in healthcare till the global knock down by pandemic. It was going to be the multibillion-dollar industry in the coming decades. …

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Liver transplant is a complex and life saving surgery. It is the replacement surgery of existing damaged or diseased liver of a patient, with the healthy liver of the deceased donor, who has suddenly succumbed due to an accident or due to bleeding in brain. The donor could also be a living person with a healthy liver. Its a miraculous healthcare wonder, carefully executed by experts! Liver Transplant is a life saving alternative to add years in life!

Liver transplantation also known as Hepatic Transplantation is a major surgery with the good chances of survival of the patient and 75%…

Premonitory dream to furnish advance notice of future event.

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Premonitions are her routine visuals.

She dreamt of …….wooden houses,

glass windows,

snow covered streets.

She sat in one corner

wondering the creation of God

and trying to hold the white, pure, delicate snow

in her palms………..

“Strange dream” as it was,

as the weather in her part of the country,

was really hot, with scorching heat

and drying foliage

and shortage of water.

People praying “Lord Indra” ,

“God of Rain”

to bless all, with cool showers

to pacify the dry land.

Save poor farmers from untimely death.

She was…

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