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Unconventional Treatments

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Mushrooms are fungal plants which are also used in medicines and food to increase nutritional effect. Not all mushrooms are edible some are highly toxic. Edible mushrooms should be carefully picked up to mitigate risk due to inherent toxins, which can cause food poisoning, disturbed immune systems and upset digestive systems. There are a variety of mushrooms available in food market. Edible Shitake mushrooms have beneficiary effect in treating neurological and cardiovascular problems.

The important nutrients found in mushrooms are:

1. Protein

2. Vitamins (Vitamin A,C, D)

3. Antioxidants (Selenium, Vitamin D, Choline, Ergothioneine or ET)

4. Minerals…

Entrance to beautiful mansions

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Have you ever came across hand carved solid wood doors with iron fixtures or colored metal or painted glass and stone studded door during your travel to old historic country or cities? Have you ever stopped by and gave it a thought around, the patience and artistic bent of mind, that craftsman had during carving and designing the entrance door? I am always on a look out for such antique hand crafted giant doors out of curiosity and admiration, because such antique doors have rustic charm and an inherent story to share.

I came across some…

Premonitions are unique dreams a medium of communication between universe and oneself.

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Another Premonitory dream sequence to convey how premonitory dreams or communication with universe-3 occur.

“A movers truck outside home, old household stuff being moved outside, with a warning from cautious mom — Do not let her know about this change , she is so emotional, she will not let anything go — My dream sequence, April 2018”

It was three years since my beloved father’s departure to Heavenly Abode. My mother continued rest of her life sharing and spreading her love and affection to my brother’s family, staying…

Premonitions are brilliant mystical ways, universe communicate with us!

Photo by Manish Tulaskar on Unsplash

Here would like to share one more episode of Premonitory dreams or communication with universe-2 sequence.

She started keeping notes to her dreams, suggestion by her father — a Great Storyteller. A unique dream and it was recorded forever. Then came the analysis and interpretations . It was her favorite subject.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)is the intelligence exhibited by machines to perform tasks that generally require human beings and associated human intelligence, to complete. AI is a simulation of human intelligence processes and activities by machine processes especially, computer systems. AI is the fuel behind the invention and tremendous growth in the areas of Big Data, Robotics and IoT, and Machine Learning. Research work is being done in this area, to create algorithms and generate Emotional Intelligence feed for Machines to solve social isolation, depression, and loneliness.

Artificial Intelligence is the machine intelligence different from human intelligence in a way that computer…

Managing Data efficiently

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Data Governance at its core, is an important, inherent process to efficiently manage huge inflowing and outflowing data, in an organization. This process keeps on changing according to organization needs and requires frequent updates, in terms of adding new data and erasing obsolete ones and updating and maintaining existing ones. Safe storage and exchange of Data through international boundaries; in and out of local organizations is an enormous task required for smooth working of an organization. Continuous data maintenance, extraction, cleansing, storage and management of Unstructured and Structured Data is not a one time effort. …

Embroidery a forgotten craft to increase eye hand coordination
Embroidery a forgotten craft to increase eye hand coordination
Photo by Santoshi Guruju on Unsplash

Embroidery is a very ancient art practiced by people in country sides of all over world and has origins in China and near East. Sewing actually gave way to fine skill of embroidery. People used this craft to consume time effectively and tastefully to decorate the clothing and house linens.

Embroidery a forgotten craft to teach eye-hand coordination, concentration and fine motor skill, is on verge of becoming extinct from school syllabus. Patience, attention and development of well coordinated motor skill enhance focus and concentration.

This exclusive subject is replaced in schools by other easy and fast machines and techniques…

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